Yikes.  It’s been almost four years since I’ve been on here!  It’s amazing how you can forget something exists, yet there it is, still plugging along.

Let’s see, the last post was about me running the Marathon.  Yep, been there, done that.  I ran the Prairie Fire Marathon in 2011 with a time of 4:02:23.  Was shooting for four hours, and learned the hard way that when it comes down to the wire, there just isn’t anything left in the tank!  I couldn’t have run that last mile faster than I did.  Still, very satisfying and something I consider a life achievement.

What’s going on now?

Well, my family is fostering a dog who was pregnant for a local animal rescue.  Within 24 hours of arriving at our house, I helped to deliver 11 puppies.  Yes, 11 puppies.

Due to my middle son having some bullying issues, my boys and me have become involved in Mixed Martial Arts or MMA.  We’re learning out at Martial Arts Wichita, where I’m helping out by designing a website to help spread the word about their outstanding MMA and Judo training.  Great group of people providing great training at a great price.  Highly recommended if you’re interested in martial arts.



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