Wichita IT Support – Free Training Opportunity

My company, Proper Technology Solutions, is offering a free training event on Thursday, April 21st from Noon-2pm.

This informal class will be covering the basics of Microsoft Office applications to help users get more out of their application investment. (flyer)

As an IT support professional, I have always felt that part of my job was to train my customers to perform some of the tasks that they would otherwise call on me to resolve.  By giving them the tools to resolve their own issues, I can help reduce the IT support costs they incur.

If you’re in the Wichita KS area and can stop by for the class, please don’t hesitate to call and reserve a seat as space will be limited (316) 337-5628.

On the home front, it’s Tax Day.  My horrific taxes are in at last.  I long for the old days of the 1040EZ, just not the days of the income that it required!  The final tally of my TurboTax return for Federal and State were close to 100 pages after business, rentals and adoption paperwork were calculated.  Anyone running on a platform to reduce the complexity of tax laws will have my vote.


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