Wichita IT Companies – Looking for Solid Support?

We just picked up a new customer last week over at Proper Technology Solutions, my Wichita IT Company.  A little digging found that they located us thanks to our solid positioning on the web for relevant searches.  As an IT consultant and freelance Search Engine Optimization fanatic, it was great to see some results come from the work that goes into solid ranking.  I will keep plugging away, trying to rise above some of the older and more established companies in the marketplace.  It just goes to show you that a great web presence can help build a customer base.

Proper is growing and things seem to be going the right way, especially in the realm of customer service.  One of our first clients has already referred another client to us, just in the short time we’ve been around.  We have some great ideas for helping small business make more out of their IT budget, the least of which are the low rates for service, just $70 per hour.  We’ve also helped by eliminating the industry-standard two hour minimum service charge, saving our clients significant money already.  We’ve moved several companies to freeware or open source alternatives to their paid software without any loss of feature or productivity.

Are you looking for Solid IT Support?  Visit our site and give us a call.  From network consulting to computer repair and service, we can help.

Proper Technology Solutions, LLC

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