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Proper Technology Solutions

Proper Technology Solutions is the name of my IT support company in Wichita.  Though we’re a new player in the market, we’re making some headway and picking up customers.  Most of our new customers have let us know about their issues with their previous providers, which only helps us to make them happier.  The number one complaint is responsiveness.  Some clients have even informed us that their IT support company takes 2-3 days to get back with them once they’ve called in.  We’re trying to change all that.  For example, I had a new customer call me the other day around Noon.  That customer received an on-site visit and was repaired and running again by 1PM.  We can’t always provide service that quickly, but that is definitely the goal.


As I said in a previous post, I’ve decided to run the marathon this year in Wichita on 10/9.  I’m three full weeks into a 20 week training program that takes me right up to the date of the event.  With three midweek runs and a long run on Saturday, the plan is keeping me plugging away at that 26.2 mile goal.  Throw in two rest days and a cross-training day and it’s a pretty well-rounded fitness program.  I know it’s only been three weeks, but I’m feeling my confidence building already.  For my cross-training yesterday, I planned to swim 20 laps.  I ended up pushing myself harder and harder and swimming 35, which is equal to 1 mile.  Quite a record for me!


Class starts again this week.  I’m teaching two classes, one at the Bachelor’s level and one at the Associate’s level.  I’m looking forward to the Cisco class especially.  I’ve always taught the advanced Cisco class, and am now teaching the first course (It’s book 2 in the official Cisco cirriculum).  It will be a great opportunity for me to teach the technology from the ground up and hopefully give them a good base for advancing their skills in the networking arena.

Family Reunion

I’m attending a family reunion this upcoming weekend out at Fall River Lake in Kansas.  We’ll just be out for two days but it will be a nice break.  No break from the running though.  I have an 8 mile run on my schedule for Saturday and I don’t plan on missing it. Running in a different environment will be a pleasure, though.

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