Marathon Training The Computer Tech Way

Who knew?  Just five weeks into my marathon training I’m feeling better than ever.  This last weekend I went to Fall River Lake with my family and set out to do my scheduled 8 mile run, which is farther than I’ve undertaken in many years.

My wife was kind enough to drop me 8 miles away from the campsite and I was paying close attention to the drastic hills and valleys on the way to the drop-off point.  The highlights of the run were:

  • A small herd of cows (25-30) decided they would pace me up and down a big hill (they put me to shame)
  • A scenic few miles through the woods with deer, rabbits and other wildlife.
  • A mile-long dam taking me across the lake to my campsite
  • A strategically placed bottle of water at the 4 mile point to refill the bottle I was carrying.

Overall, it was perfect.  My 10k time was stellar for me, and the rest of the run proceeded without a hitch.  I strolled in at about 1:10, twenty minutes before my wife was slated to come search for me at the side of the road.  The next day, I went to the gym and swam for my cross training piece, another mile in the pool.

Just five weeks in and I’m doing things I hadn’t thought I would be able to acheive, so I’m looking forward to the race with a little more confidence than before.  I’ve been shaving time off my 3 mile runs over the last week and a half, getting down to 22:21 this morning.  If you had told me a month ago I’d be running under 7:30 miles for 3 miles, I would have thought you were joking.

Business is going well at Proper Technology Solutions, my Wichita IT support company.  We’re picking up a few new customers and providing the outstanding service we knew that we could.  Every time I’m working on a customer’s network, I can feel the energy that the increased fitness level is providing.

All in all, even if you don’t think you can run a marathon, try giving the training a try, you might just find that you are capable and stronger than you gave yourself credit for.


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