Long Week Winding Down for Wichita IT Support, Education and Home

It’s been a long week in Wichita.  Several Chamber of Commerce events, an event for the Wichita Business Journal and the free Lunch and Learn class at my own office have made for a stressful week.  Add to that two nights of teaching at the college and trying to manage some semblance of a home life.  Welcome to being an entrepreneur in the 21st century!

My thanks to all those that have been supporting me as strive to build my business, Proper Technology Solutions in Wichita.  I still have a long way to go, but the light is starting to shine at the end of the tunnel!

My classes at the college are going well, despite a dead router Wednesday night.  Hopefully it will be fixed by next week.  The students did a great job of offering troubleshooting suggestions, but it appears that the router just finally gave up the ghost and doesn’t seem to be reading the flash card and won’t offer a console session without spouting Wingdings!

Drop me a line.  Are you balancing a large number of responsibilities?

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