Let Them Eat Cake? IT Support Or Cake Design

So generally speaking, I’m a computer tech.  Sometimes called Network Engineer or network administrator, sometimes computer consultant or IT support provider.  I run a Wichita IT company called Proper Technology Solutions.  I’m also an educator, teaching network security at a local college, something I’ve come to enjoy immensely.

The last thing I anticipated when re-firing this blog was that my most popular entry driving the majority of the traffic to this site would be a cake I designed for my son’s birthday over three years ago.  The web is a fickle thing, and it goes to show you that nothing ever dies on the Internet.

Years ago, inspired by Duff from Ace of Cakes, I started designing cakes for my kids’ birthday parties and other events.  It was a great creative outlet and I ended up posting a picture of one of the cakes I was most proud of, the Lego Cake.  Shortly thereafter, another cake designer at another blog linked to my creation.

I ended up killing the original blog on this site because I wasn’t using it and it lay dormant for a couple of years.  When I restarted the blog earlier this year, I received normal traffic from searches on my name (I’m not the famous Cricketer, by the way).  Then I noticed lots of 404 (page not found) messages from browsers asking for my old ‘Lego Cake’ entry.  I laughed it off, until a few days later it started being the number one request at my site.

Long story short, I recreated the original blog entry and dated it the same in WordPress so it would match the link on the other blog (which has either become more popular or an odd Lego cake craze has started).  The traffic continues to come in, proving that on the web, nothing is ever forgotten.

See the Lego Cake Entry

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