IT Support Wichita – Building the Business

It’s been a busy week or so and I haven’t been diligent in posting.  The IT support business has become a little hectic.  I attended an education and technology round table event in Lawrence last week, hosted by the Software and Information Technology Association of Kansas (SITAKS).  We discussed what employers expect of graduates in the field.  It was an interesting event, to be sure and I think I gained some insights from both sides of the coin.

Business is starting to pick up over at Proper Technology Solutions, my Wichita IT support company.  We’re developing an Executive IT Support program that I think will gain some traction with busy professionals, aiming at helping them with their home IT infrastructure.  I’ll post more details on that as it develops.  I’m also seeing more interest in managed services like online backup and network monitoring.

Starting a business is rough going, but also highly rewarding.  The three months I’ve spent so far have been some of the happiest (and most stressful) of my working career.  I know that sounds like a disconnect, but the two can go together nicely.  It’s a comfort to know that you are doing things the way you envision them and that the rewards of your efforts will be your own.  I want to try to be the type of employer that can retain solid talent by offering realistic rewards.  By keeping overhead low, I hope to be able to retain my ability to offer low prices to my customers while still rewarding my employees, giving them a larger share of the fruits of their labor.

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